God’s Plan


Lately, a lot of things in my life have not been going according to my plan. I had planned to graduate, go immediately into my masters program, and jump start my road to medical school. This obviously has not happened. A lot of the things I planned for myself and my life haven’t always gone accordingly, but what I learned was that everything is going according to God’s plan.

When I was coming into college, I had convinced my self I had the perfect recipe for success. I had a plan and it was legit. My plan was to come to school, not get involved with anything (no orgs, clubs, nothing), get bomb grades, do not get romantically involved with anyone (because nobody has time for love when you’re on your way to the top, lol). I wanted to just get in and get out….in four years. This did not happen. While in college, I ended up being involved in everything. From Student Government, to modeling, to becoming Miss Black and Gold, to mentoring, to bio club for one semester (lmao), I did it all. Any and everything in between. Not only did I get involved, I definitely started talking to guys (even got my heart broken once or twice), my grades could have been better, and your girl definitely did not graduate in four years.

Even after I graduated from the Illusstriousssss Morgan State University (Shoutout to Morgan :)), I had a plan that I thought my life would take….Baybeeee, I was so wrong.
Once I graduated, I just knew I would get my dream job and I would start my journey to becoming Dr. Aribilola immediately….but uhmm yeah, that didn’t happen either. I had to put off my plans for school for later this year or early next year. Currently, I work as a substitute teacher and Ill be teaching full-time come August. These are not bad or horrible jobs, but these were not my dream job. Honestly speaking, the week after I graduated, I was depressed. Post-grad depression was real. It hit me hard and fast. Yes, I was happy I was finally done with school, but I felt so behind. All my friends were either in grad-school or were graduating, happily dating, financially secure, etc. I just felt so delayed. Amongst, all that I was going through a lot at home as well..financial issues, issues with my family….the whole 9 yards. I was just over it. I was lost, confused, pretty much every negative emotion, I felt it. This honestly made me question if becoming a Dr. was my career path and my purpose in life as well, but after taking to the GOAT A.K.A my mother, things became so much clear.

I just want to state the fact that I am so thankful for my mother. She’s everything to me and without her, I’d be so lost in life right now. Anyway, I was talking to my mom about all I was feeling and she kept saying trust God’s plan. Everything that you’re going through, everything that is happening is according to God’s plan. Just have faith. Crazy enough a few days after, Drake releases his song entitled “Gods Plan”.When I say I was shook, I was shooketh. When my mom was talking to me, I didn’t understand. How could God let all that was happening to me just happen? I was just si confused. I didn’t understand what was going on or what God was trying to tell me. But eventually I got it loud and clear, to trust him and his plan.

I learned that everything that occurs in ones life is intentional. Everything that happens is a stepping stone used to propel you to that next level in your life. For the longest I was so upset and embarrassed about not graduating on time. I used to hear it from my mother all the time. My friends were graduating one by one and they were doing pretty well. I was so irritated like, “God, why am I still here”? I was just so fed up in the position I was in. I didn’t understand that God delayed my plans to answer a prayer. I forgot my freshman year, I prayed to God about my father being at my graduation. No. Matter. What. Along the way I lost hope and I didn’t think it was possible,but the day I walked across that stage, my father was there to witness. If it had been according to my plan, I would’ve graduated on time and my dad would’ve missed it, but that plan was put on hold so he could be there.Yes, I was delayed, but that delay wasn’t a denial, it was a setback that had to occur in order for his plan to come to pass.

Same thing with college, God wanted me to get involved and get out of my comfort zone because there were things I had to learn and go through to prepare me for my next stage in life. I had to endure certain trials and tribulations to attain the tools and knowledge I have now. I can honestly say everything I have every been through has made me a better person, but in the moment you won’t see that. As I always say, just trust the process.
In LIFE, we make plans and when things do not go according to those plans we flip, but we have to understand to trust the process, (my GOD, trusting the process is so important), and understanding everything that occurs is according to God’s plan. Yes things may go wrong (as they will because thats life), but understand it is intentional. God is laying things out one by by one so that his plan is coming to pass. So stay faithful and stay the course.Take everything as it comes.……Everything is happening according to his plan.

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