AyabaConnect is a platform whose sole mission is to empower, inspire and connect strong and beautiful women everywhere. Through inspirational stories, events, and empowering content, we hope to push you to becoming the best you, while providing a community of women doing the same. What originally started off as a motivational blog has now expanded, and it is set to break molds and change lives everywhere.

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About Our CEO

Hey loves! I’m Esther (Queen Esther, period), 25, a budding creative residing in the DMV. I am the founder and CEO of Ayabaconnect. I was born and raised in Georgia, but in 2010, I moved to the DMV. Moving here and going to the best HBCU, Morgan State University, shaped and molded me into the creative that I am today. AC originally started out as a motivational blog. It was a space where I could write about my experiences, and give others the opportunity to learn the lessons I learned, and ultimately be inspired to becoming their best selves. Although this was cool, I felt I was playing it small! There are so many gifts and talents that God gave me, and I decided I want to use them to help people everywhere, and I plan on doing just that. I look forward to sharing this platform with you all, and I can’t wait to see the greatness that stems from this. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms, just click the links below!