Women on the Rise: Mothers Edition

  1. Nia Wood (@niamichelle_)

Nia Wood is a mother of one, founder, and fashion designer of Nia Michelle. She started Nia Michelle in March of 2019 with the goal of encouraging women to feel confident through fashion, by offering clothes that are unique and made just for them. Since starting, she has launched a total of three collections and presented her most recent collection (Concrete Rose) at Atlantic City Fashion Week 2020. Her most recent efforts have been towards creating protective masks for COVID-19 relief.  Most importantly she is proud to say she is a mompreneur.

Nia is a Woman on the Rise because she is the definition of a BOSS. Throughout her pregnancy (and even now), Nia has put in endless hours of hard work and dedication towards her brand/collection. She is a very determined woman who is very passionate about fashion design. This can be seen through her wonderful pieces. Ever single design is handmade by this amazing mommy. She can literally make something out of anything, and she does this effortlessly will raising a family. This Queen is truly unstoppable.

2. Serifat Fapohunda (@dreamlover25)

Serifat Fapohunda is a 26-year-old mother to a beautiful one-year old named Amira. She believes her daughter is her biggest blessing, and the best thing that has ever happened to her. In 2019, Sheri received her master’s degree in Business Management. She is the founder and CEO of LEWA BROWS LLC. She is a brow artist and the owner of LEWA BROWS studio. She founded a non-profit organization called P.O.P SICKLE CELL. POP is a non-profit that was created to uplift and help children who suffer from sickle cell.

Sheri is a Woman on the Rise because despite all she faces, she continues to keep pushing. She is hustler and a go-getter. She is the definition of getting things done no matter what. Her daughter is her life, and her existence alone pushes Sheri to achieve the impossible. Many people believe she’s superwoman but, she struggles like everyone else. Despite these struggles, Sheri has made a way for herself. She describes being a single mother as challenging, but she’s thankful for it all. If you’re ever in Miami and need a brow/beauty makeover….THIS is the mother to see!

3. Erica Sullivan (@mom.e.planner)

Erica Sullivan is not only a wife and a mother but also a business owner. She started her journey as a single mom blogger over 8 years ago. When her family grew, by a husband and two kids, she relocated to the Philadelphia area and put her fear aside and started working for herself full-time.

In 2018 Erica decided to expand her momE brand to talk more about her new lifestyle. She grew from a single mom blogger to talking more about step-parenting, marriage, cooking, traveling, mental health and so much more. It was with these changes that her brand grew from a mom’s blog to a lifestyle blog.

In 2019 momEplanner launched their Believer clothing line. This line was created to show others that we aren’t just followers of Jesus but Believers in him! With the growth of her clothing line and the success that she started to see from her social media platforms, Erica decided that it was time to start hosting events. Having been an Event Planner in her earlier years, momE wanted to curate events for women to celebrate themselves on Mother’s Day. So she birth the momE Mother’s Day Wellness Social.

At the start of 2020 Erica has began her coaching courses. From teaching women how to brand themselves on Instagram and how to grow their blog traffic to match her views of 7-10K a month. momE is now working on the release of her third digital magazine and in the works of creating her own all natural and chemical free cleaning products.

Erica’s mission is to help women learn to live on purpose in business, motherhood, marriage, and life!

Erica is a Woman on the Rise because she is unstoppable. She uses her own life experiences to help women everywhere. She believed in herself and chased her passion of blogging full-time. She uses her platform to help different types of mothers such as single moms or step moms. She is a strong woman of faith and an amazing mother. We can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

4.Tiana Dickerson (@tianabreexo)

Tiana Bree is a self-taught makeup artist, founder of Beat2aTi, boutique owner and mother-to-be. Her sole purpose in life is to bring the beauty and confidence out of each woman she comes in contact with, in more ways than one! Tiana has spent the last 7 years sharing her gift of artistry, style, and confidence, and knows that when you look your best, you feel your best. She makes it her mission to inspire others daily. 

After the loss of both of her grandmothers, Tiana decided to curate something to carry out their legacy, birthing her online boutique, The Seven22 Collection. Each item from her collection is handpicked for the chic, versatile and fabulous, sure to have heads turning with every item purchased!

Tiana’s work has been featured on the MAC Cosmetics website, several news stations and has shared her knowledge as a Makeup Expert at empowerment events for women across the DMV.

Tiana holds a B.A in Communications with a focus in Public Relations from Morgan State University and will continue to inspire other women through her platforms, Beat2aTi and The Seven22 Collection.

This mommy-to-be is a Woman on the Rise because she uses her gifts and inspires women everywhere. She promotes confidence and self-love, and the items in her collection portray that message as well. If she’s not promoting her online boutique, she beating a face. Her talent speaks before she does, and her captivating personality draws you in. We know that motherhood wont slow this Mom-boss down, it’ll only fuel her!

5. T’ana Patterson (@tinyfaces_)

T’ana Patterson is a Montessori Teacher and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist. She graduated from Morgan State University in Spring 2018 Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. After graduation, she moved back to PG County and gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Tru Taína.

She is currently getting ready to pursue her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology while building her brand as an MUA. She also has a beauty and lifestyle blog on the way. Her focus is helping women to heal mentally and emotionally by recognizing their power and purpose. She wants every woman to feel their incomparable beauty from the inside out!

T’ana is a Woman in the Rise because she is living in her purpose and inspiring other mothers to do the same! Aside from pursuing her passions, she is furthering her education and using it to help other women heal and grow. Through her makeup artistry, every client who sits in her chair leave feeling like a brand new woman. She sets the example of what it means to be a great mother while chasing your dreams. She’ s a mother any daughter would be proud to have!

6. Mariama Smith (@thekoolmominc)

Mariama Smith is a mother, educator, and business owner. The 24 year old has a five year old daughter named Karter. She describes her daughter Karter is her ultimate bestie. When she’s not having a great time playing dress-up and having makeovers with her five year old, she’s surrounded by many others everyday in the classroom. Mariama is a kindergarten teacher at KIPP DC and her students are her joy. She loves teaching and watching her students grow and develop.

Between “mommying” and teaching, she started her non-profit The Kool Mom Inc. during her last semester of undergrad. She is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Family Studies. Graduation was a huge accomplishment for her because statistics will show that teen moms do not tend to make it to their college graduations, but she beat the odds!

She started the Kool Mom Inc. to create emotional and financial support for teen and young adult mothers to be able to strive and succeed in a society that tells them success is impossible. The values for The Kool Mom are to encourage, inspire, uplift, and love. She currently has 51 members. Although its been hard to keep in contact due to COVID-19, Mariama and her members keep in touch and uplift one another with their daily group chat, weekly prayer calls, and zoom chats.

Mariama is a Woman on The Rise because she has allowed her own journey to motherhood be the driving force to her fulfilling her purpose. She is a living testament of doing the impossible, but she doesn’t stop there. instead, she empowers and inspires other beautiful women to do the same. She shows her fellow mothers that being a teen mom doesn’t stop you from accomplishing anything, rather it propels you. We STAN!

7.Kemi Ajibare (@styledbykemi)

Kemi Ajibare is a Personal Stylist in the DMV. She is also the founder of StyledByKemi, LLC, providing shopping and image consulting services to her clients. Her goal is to help women discover their true authentic style!

Kemi was born in Nigeria but came to the US as a toddler. Most of her life was spent growing up in Baltimore, MD. She has a degree in Business Technology, but her real passion is fashion. She is an IT professional by day and mommy to an amazing 3 year old boy. She is a proud mother of Nigerian descent who celebrates the beauty of individuality; in life and in style.

Kemi is a Woman on the Rise because she is proof that you can do it all. She shows women you can have a career, chase your passions, and have a family. The best part is she ALWAYS looks bomb while doing so! Her individuality sets her apart; she can walk into any room and own it. Her style is eye-catching and we stan her creative style. Her love for fashion and personal style can be seen on her various social media platforms, so make sure you follow!

We hope the stories of these amazing mothers have inspired you. As you can see, they dominate any lane, whether its fashion, education, beauty, blogging…..the list goes on. We hope you are empowered through this post. These beautiful mothers have shown us that nothing is impossible. All it takes is hard-work, sacrifice, grit, and determination. To all the mothers out there who do the impossible daily, we dedicate this post to you. We appreciate and love you! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

6 Types of Men (N*ggas) on Valentines Day | By Osamudiamen

Here at AyabaConnect, as you all know were a supported of others. This is why he had to get a post from one our FAV BLOGGERS EVER. Queen Osamudiamen has blessed us with the guide to men on Vday! To check it out, just keep scrolling!

Happy Valentine’s and Gyalentine’s Day, niggas! Today is a day to celebrate ourselves and others in the name of love! In doing so, I’ve created a guide of the different types of niggas that exist on Valentine’s Day. Ladies, you’ll know which one you have, and gentlemen, you’ll know which one you are! Let’s get it!

1. The “Pussy is not a gift” Valentine’s Day Nigga

“Pussy agaiiiiiiiiin?……oh..ok…”

This nigga is fed up with the notion that Valentine’s Day is just for women. He wanna be wined and dined and have his back blown out after dinner too, ladies. In short, he’s tired of you bitches. He feels as though the bomb ass pussy you got is not a gift, but a “requirement” so this gift does not suffice. Shaving your pubes into the shape of Cupid’s bow and arrow also does not cut it for this man, ladies. I hear you and I’m actually not mad at this type of nigga and he’s got a great point. PUSSY IS NOT A lVALENTINE’S DAY GIFT. If you gon be lazy with it, you might as well just say, “Babe I didn’t know what to get you so I didn’t get anything” and just blow his back out later on without telling him your pussy is the gift. He already knows it’s wetter than a Seaquarium *yawns*. Personally I think Valentine’s Day is a time for both parties to celebrate love, whatever that means for the both of y’all. Communication is key and both parties taking time to learn one another is crucial!

2. The “Pussy is all I need for Valentine’s Day” nigga

Your pussy so good this man has no problem not receiving shit from you other than pussy for Valentine’s Day. He just appreciates you allowing him to be inside of you. This could be your man, your friends with benefits, or your “bro” (some of y’all love calling these niggas your brother, but wholetime them yeeks getting clapT). PATHETIC. He only needs your time. However, In return of the laziness of your gift, there may be uncertainty in what you’ll receive from him. If he’s your man, he might still do something special, but he also might just gift you with some meaty-oaker dick as well and call it a day. Beware of this nigga ladies. He has no standards.

3. The “Ima take you out February 15th cuz I was tied up at ‘work’ on Valentine’s Day” nigga

Uhhhhh ladies…sorry to break it to y’all but if you still falling for this okie doke, you MIGHT need to get an MRI. This nigga ain’t shit and YOU might be a clown. If he has not officially informed you that you are the side chick, welcome to my Ted Talk. Hello, it’s nice to meet you. However, if he has informed you, he’s an upstanding Piece of Shit and you might just be a dumbass. Keyword is MIGHT, though. Times are changing and some women are perfectly cool with being the side chick because there may still be perks to this deal: great sex, food, gifts, shit…all the shit he probably does with his girl but it could be better or worse. You never know with these niggas ladies so you chancing it. I don’t judge and I’m not gon tell you to dub it (even though you should), all ima say in this situation is don’t be a dumb bitch, know what’s going on, don’t have any expectations for this kind of man, and keep yourself at peace. And stop lurking his girlfriend IG. She don’t know about you, goofy. 

4. The “Everyday is Valentine’s Day so I don’t gotta do shit today” nigga 

I don’t know how I truly feel about this type of man. Niggas loveeeeee saying this shit yet only do the bare minimum on the daily so I generally don’t buy it. There he is. Just like that sloth. Just looking goofy thinking he’s doing something but not at all. I just cannot call it. There ACTUALLY are men who spoil their women on the regular though (never experienced, believe it’s a myth, but I think I’ve read about this phenomenon somewhere so I won’t say it’s totally untrue). Ladies this one is totally dependent on the kind of man you have and how well you know him so I’ll just leave this one at that LOL. 

5. The nigga who actually tries to make Valentine’s Day amazing for you because he loves you and not because he has the expectation that you’re going to do something grandiose for him

These niggas are the best type of niggas. What they do for you and is independent of their expectation of you. They just want to do for you because they love you. They are generally observant and know exactly what you would like and what would make you smile and happy. They love showering you with love and you never have to question their love for you. This is the guy you do everything for. This is the guy whose face you always want to keep a smile on and because he cares about doing the same for you. He’s a blessing. Abeg, this is the kind of nigga I’m looking for. If you are reading this and this is you, make your way to my DM’s, please and thank you. 

6. And the niggas who don’t got nobody but themselves for Valentine’s Day 

Regardless of the type of man you have, I say all of this to say, everyday is a day of love and to love but Valentine’s Day is the day to do the most with it! All types of love too. It’s not just about romantic love. It’s okay if you’re alone today watching Netflix. Me too, Chile and I’m not mad one bit. Send your momma flowers. Gift your best friends something sweet. Celebrate yourself. Love on yourself. Remind yourself how beautiful, amazing, and worthy you are everyday but especially today! If you are celebrating love today with someone, I pray you all keep the love going and live in eternal happiness and peace.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 💓


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For Lovers Only: Valentines Day Playlist | Curated by: Thomas J.

What’s the one thing that you need to set the mood for V-day? MUSIC.

The power of music is indescribable. You can play one song and it’ll take you back to a place, a moment in time, or remind you of that special someone. The power music holds is truly amazing. It’s no wonder that music plays an integral part in the formula to producing a successful Valentines Day. A V-day experience is bound to go right when you have the right vibe, and we have got you covered! We had to get a professional to cook up all the right vibes, and curate a Valentine’s Day playlist! This playlist is sure to take that special day to the next level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Valentine🌹” playlist curated by the great Thomas J!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Valentine🌹

Love. Faith. Hope. Destiny. In life you will meet lots of people, many of whom will have a profound impact on you and your journey. Some of these people will be homies, some will be lovers and most will be friends. Often times we think Valentine’s Day is reserved for the romance and intimacy—and it is to some degree—however it is important not to underscore the value of friendship and real love. No, not everyday will be great, and sometimes things will be dark and twisted, but you’re always able to get back on track. This playlist was created with the holistic [music] lover in mind. Love for self, and love for others. Whether you are your own Valentine this year, or are spending time with someone special—play this and set your V-Day plans in motion. Enjoy.

*Designed to play straight through, no shuffle.


Valentine’s Day Must Haves: Couples’ Edition

As we allllll know, Valentine’s day is around the corner. V-day is a day where love is the focus, and honestly it’s one of our fave holidays! That’s because………well come on, who doesn’t love, LOVE?!

This day often involves a very special date night, and we want to help you get right! We are bringing you Valentine’s Day Must Haves that will be sure to have you looking BOMB on your special evening. Not only are we looking out for the ladies, we got our men too! We hit up two of the hottest in the DMV, MUA extraordinaire @kingdupes and the KING of grooming @guidedhands. Keep reading to see how you can look your absolute best on that very special evening!

Women: by @kngdupes

The Look

The Perfect Red Lip

Cost/Where you can find them:

Mac Cosmetics: Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick| $19.00

Juvia’s Place: Afrik Liquid Lipstick|$12.00

Milan Cosmetics: Amor Satin Lip Creme (Red)|$9.00

I think a red lip is always perfect for valentine’s day, it’s bold, fun & sexy. You can never go wrong with this!

Luxuious Lashes

Cost/Where you can find them:

Lilly Lashes | $30.00

Ardell Wispies | $5 & up 

Dupes on the beat luxe lashes | Stay Tuned

Having the perfect pair of lashes is essential, for those that want to make a statement or those that want to flirt a little harder – the right lashes will do the job, trust me. 

Poppin highlight

Cost/Where you can find them:

Mac Cosmetics “Gold Deposit” | $36.00

Artist Couture “Jackie Aina Collection” | $30.00

You know what they say… your highlight must blind your enemies! Lol, all jokes aside, your highlighter can make or break your face. When applying it, be careful not to use too much. Personally I think the less blinding your highlight looks the better. Soft highlight gives “grown woman” “talk to me nice”! So take my advice!

Blooming Blush

Cost/Where you can find it:

Juvia’s Place “The Saharan blush bundle” | $35.00

These shades are perfect for everyone! They are always a staple in my makeup routine on myself and my clients.

Many people don’t realize the importance of blush on your skin, after applying make up blush helps to bring back life into our skin by adding the color we’ve taken away with foundation, concealer & etc.

Cost/Where you can find it:

YSL Black Opium | $75

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb | $85

Gucci Guilty | $80

Ladies, you want to leave a lasting impression, Having the right scent is an absolute game changer! These are a few of my fave, and I promise they’ll have you smelling heavenly!

Men: by @guidedhands

The Look

photo by @kennykfromthea

Versace- Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Cost: $85

Where you can find: CVS

If you don’t smell good, you might as well pack up and go home for V-Day. Every woman needs her man to be well scented on that particular day. Versace Man Eau Fraiche has been well proven amongst the ladies

Curl Sponge/The Mane Choice Coconut Curl Mousse

Cost: Sponge-$5, Mousse-$11.19

Where you can find: Sponge-Amazon, Mousse- Sally’s

The curly top is the most popular style among the men these days. If you’re not sporting the waves, then you have to make sure your hair is contained and styled correctly. The curl sponge can help with that. Make sure to accompany it with the Pink lemonade and Coconut Curl Mousse from The Mane Choice brand.

Natural Peppermint Premium Hair Oil

Cost: $9.62

Where you can find it: Beauty Supply Store

A healthy scalp is necessary. Peppermint oil contains several nutrients that will help keep your scalp moisturized (while your lady runs her hands through your hair lol).

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Cost: $16.24

Where you find get it: Walmart

Black castor oil is a must for the beard! Do yourself a favor and use this oil to help soften and moisturize your beard or facial hair. Keep the beard right for your lady on V-Day. (And if you don’t have a beard use this oil twice/day and add prayer so your beard will grow before v-day)

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Cost: $6.39

Where you can find it: CVS

Wash your face fellas. You don’t need your lady getting pimples on her lips from kissing your face. Cetaphil facial cleanser does the job!